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Club Updates November 17th

Elsecar Main messages and updates, What's new and a look back at the past couple of weeks.


To celebrate our club shop opening on Monday 15th November, check out these Christmas shirts!.

Just £20....on sale until the end of November.

Pre order yours via the online shop!

A Successful Bonfire Night!

A massive THANK YOU to all our volunteers over the past month,

So many fantastic comments coming out of bonfire night, makes it all worth while.

Thank you all for coming and see you again next year.

Second Hand Boot Store Opening up!

The second hand boot store will be opening in the tucks shop by the end of November,

If you have any boots you wish to donate please contact Anna Macmillan by message only on 07835761612.

Scary Halloween Fun with EMFC

Halloween was some scary fun. Our thanks to Sarah Jenson and the age group


Both parties went well and the kids had some great fun and of course some of the adults did.

Once again thanks to all of you that have made the past few weeks a success and helped our club.

Be sure to check back on our website for lots more updates over the next few weeks as we build up to the Christmas and New Year period.


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