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February - Player's Of The Month!

Here are our players of the month awards for February!

Congratulations go to

Theo (Under 7's)

Ben (Under 8's)

Oliver (Under 9's)

(Under 10's)

(Under 11's)

(Under 14's)

Coach's Notes

Matt (Under 7's) -

Theo has been fantastic throughout the season and could have been awarded POTM on a number of occasions.

His goalkeeping performances have been excellent all season. He leaves parents and coaches gob smacked at some of the saves he pulls off. His recent performance against North Gawber being a stand out.

Theo is also just as good as an outfield player as he is in goal. He reads the game very well. He's not afraid to tackle and scores goals regularly. He has a great attitude to learn and will only keep getting better.

Well Done Theo!

Wayne (Under 8's) -

Our Player of the month for February goes to Ben!

Ben has shown absolute resilience and strength this month. He plays out of position with ease and never complains. He is a polite and well spoken young man who always has a story to tell.

He is kind and generous and recently insisted he played in goal after our keeper took ill, simply because he felt it was the right thing to do!

A couple of months ago he seemed to be falling out of love with football and ive worked with him to try and bring that joy back...what a month he has had!

He is currently on his 10th man of the match win this season!

Ben, I hope you continue to be the strong and determined boy you always have been and continue loving the game...even if you do still hate the mud!

Martin (Under 9's) -

Player of the month for January and February goes to Oliver.

Every game we have had solid performances playing in a pivotal role for the team.

A different role which he has done really well and enhanced and used some of his ability.

We look forward to continuing the development with Oliver week by week as we advance in our objectives.

Gavin (Under 10's) -

Richardf (Under 11's) -

Martin (Under 14's) -

Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy the rewards curtesy of our sponsors HotJacks!

Our next Player of the month awards will be featured on the website on April 5th!

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