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April - Player's Of The Month!

Here are our players of the month awards for April!

Congratulations go to

(Under 7's)

Shilah (Under 8's)

(Under 9's)

(Under 10's)

(Under 11's)

(Under 14's)

Coach's Notes

Matt (Under 7's) -

Wayne (Under 8's) -

U8's Player of the month goes to Shilah!

Shilah turns up each week with enthusiasm and determination and always tries his best.

He approaches every challenge I give him with a smile and this month in particular he's really got stuck in.

He always got a massive smile on his face and is one of the most polite boys I've ever met and loves being a part of our team.

Martin (Under 9's) -

Gavin (Under 10's) -

Richard (Under 11's) -

Martin (Under 14's) -

Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy the rewards curtesy of our sponsors HotJacks!

Our next Player of the month awards will be featured on the website on soon.

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