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22/23 Player's Of The Month - December

We hope everyone had a merry christmas and a happy new year, and just like us we can't wait to get back to playing!

As we head into the second half of the season we must first say congrats to our final player of the month winners for 2022.

Good luck to everyone in 2023.

Lets go Elsecar Main.

With Thanks to Retrodome our...

Congratulations go to...........

Under 7's -

Under 8's -

Under 9's -

Under 10's (Blues) -

Under 10's (Whites) - Ellis

Under 11's (Whites) -

Under 11's (Blues) -

Under 12's -

Now we hear from the managers.......

Under 7 - Chris

" "

Under 8 - Matt

" "

Under 9 - Wayne

" "

Under 10 Blues - Andy



Under 10 Whites - John

" December player of the month is Ellis.

After a difficult start to the season when Ellis had to sit out with a broken arm, he has come back into the team with lots of goals and assists and helped the team to a semi final in our December tournament.

Really well deserved Ellis, Keep it going in the 2nd half of the season."

Under 11 Whites - Lucy

" "

Under 11's Blues - Richard

" "

Under 12's - Richard


Congratulations to all of our December Players of the month winners!

We are proud of you and your efforts, keep up the excellent work.

Our next Retrodome player of the month winners will be announced on Feb 4th!


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