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22/23 Player's Of The Month - November

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The season continues into the cold part of the season, before we head into the Christmas period it's time to celebrate our stars of November!

With Thanks to Retrodome our...

Congratulations go to...........

Under 7's - Thomas

Under 8's - Corey

Under 9's - Freddie

Under 10's (Blues) - Oliver

Under 10's (Whites) - Oscar

Under 11's (Whites) - Aiden

Under 11's (Blues) - Rhys

Under 12's -

Now we hear from the managers.......

Under 7 - Chris

" This month we have chosen Thomas as our player of the month, He has shown great skill in front of the goal, scoring 8 goals in 3 games we played, starting the month with back to back hat tricks and finishing ff the month with 2 goals.

He has achieved this whilst also helping out as the team's keeper.

Well done, Thomas!"

Under 8 - Matt

" This goes to Corey. It was a tough one this month, we had a few contenders for the but we felt that Corey just edged it. His work rate is excellent every game. He's been scoring regular too.

At the start of the season, we asked Corey to try and work with his team mates more when attacking and looking to see who is in space. He's doing this more and more which is pleasing to see. He's always willing to play in goal too when needed, and he makes some great saves whilst in there.

Keep up the good work Corey and try to use the right foot more."

Under 9 - Wayne

" Freddie always gives 110% in everything he does whether that's training or during a game.

He is a natural leader, and he motivates the other team members while advising them on how to work together to improve their game.

He was given the word support at the beginning of the season, and he has supported his teammates and supported me in my decisions ever since.

He has what is becoming a famously strong right foot that sees him clearing the defence and even getting the odd goal from his own area.

With a winning smile to boot, Freddie really is a great all-rounder and will go far in his footballing career."

Under 10 Blues - Andy

" The U10 Blues this month have continued to develop and have success on the pitch after taking our first loss of the season in a close game we have responded well as a team and that alone made it tough to decide this month's superstar.

After looking back and a few debates we have chosen Oliver, and he has more than earned it this month, with 8 goals and 3 assists he is continuing his progression as an all-round team player.

Oliver is someone we have become used to playing at a good consistent level but this month he has taken it to another level with focussing on the finer details in his game and really paying attention to what our team have been training on for a while now and that's team play and support of each other.

Oliver really does lead the team when he plays the way he has this month and it's been really nice to see him get the goals this month as he likes to create the goals for the team usually.

considering the weather and state of the pitches this month, it makes his displays even more impressive in midfield, running the game.

Well done Oliver keep up the excellent work, we are proud and can't wait to see you continue to develop into the great little footballer you are."

Under 10 Whites - John

" November player of the month Oscar!

He has had a fantastic first half of the season scoring 30 goals, he always listens in training and tries to improve week on week.

Well deserved, keep up the hard work"

Under 11 Whites - Lucy

" The Whites under 11's player of the month is Aiden.

Aiden is new to the team and having never played in a team before he initially began his football as a striker, shorthanded one week i played Aiden in defence and this is now his preferred position.

Aiden is rock solid at the back, anticipating play, making vital tackles and clearing the ball off the line.

Aiden arrives at both training and matches each week with enthusiasm to learn and is taking his skills to a whole new level.

Well done, Aiden.

Our under 11s white's managers player of the month."

Under 11's Blues - Richard

" November's player of the month goes to our centre mid.

This kid has brought so much to the game and team, from solid defending, playing balls from midfield and scoring goals up front this lad has done it all.

He can be a little mardy and doubts himself often but this month he has listened and progressed consistently.

Take a bow Rhys, well deserved."

Under 12's - Richard


Congratulations to all of our November Players of the month winners!

We are proud of you and your efforts, keep up the excellent work.

Our next Retrodome player of the month winners will be announced on Jan 5th!


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